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inner life

The inner life is sufficient.

What we want to do is dive into and receive from the inexhaustible Source. How do we do this? Why should we?

What do you have to lose? More importantly, what do you have to gain? There is simply no reason that we should not live in a state of joy. It should be our sole vocation to facilitate this state of mind and heart. True bliss, an unshakable foundation of life exists when your thoughts, words and actions are in harmony. Audio matches the video. Your inner world compliments your outer world and vice versa. Are you walking the line you wish to be? Are you living with the highest version of yourself? Or are you consciously neglecting what you know to be good for you? If you answer yourself honestly you’ll know what direction to take. One hundred percent of the time it means walking through fear; doing the next right hard thing. Bliss is on the other side of what frightens you. At least it has been so with me.

How do you develop a skill? You practice right? You have to learn to swim. You have to learn how to exist with the ocean and leverage yourself to move through it. The same is true of spiritual practice. Meditation, prayer, self-reflection, exercise and seeking counsel with others are ancient practices that have led the greatest and most impactful men and women. Thus, their words are here for us. There is endless spiritual material that can help guide us into the Source within us; the Self that is eager to direct our lives. Few of us have the courage to look within. We run away from our intuition and thus experience collision and discord in ourselves. These things must be uprooted and disposed of. Read, study, meditate and pray. Get serious about your growth. Seek to get in touch with yourself.

Destroy the old man that is causing failures in your life. Build up the spiritual man. Become loyal to the development of your Soul. Loyalty should exist nowhere else. True loyalty and love starts within us and for us. Only then can it be effective in our outer life. Have a good day today. Unless you plan otherwise



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